Can anyone else not wait until Fall so they can return to dressing in clothes that they actually like?

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when there’s a fire, don’t forget to stop, drop and pop it, lock it, polka dot it, country-fy it and hip-hop it

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Cop shreds
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The Amity Affliction // Let The Ocean Take Me
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"hey do you want to hang out tonight?"


"we’ll have food"


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i sure do laugh a lot for someone who’s dead on the inside.

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I’m very easily intimidated and so yeah most of the time I’m basically afraid of everything and everyone and I can’t handle people being aggressive towards me and so when it happens, I freak out and I don’t do anything and I just stay there like a scared child and I feel like that’s what is happening right now and I just cant handle this all right now.

Maybe I’m just not able to handle a relationship? Maybe I’m just so fucked up that I can’t be fixed and I’m not supposed to have a relationship. I don’t know. I fuck up a lot. Nothing works out right. I don’t know. I don’t like this. I’m fucking terrified.

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